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Is my taste that good?

Is my taste that good? Most of my friends know how I am. How much I shop and what kind of things I buy and my taste? I do not even think about buying anything if in my eyes, they don't look good on me. I know that things can be really beautiful,cute, sexy but it might not suit you. Not because you are ugly but sometimes your complextion, sometimes your size and sometimes many other reasons.

I have noticed even myself that I kinda good at it. Choosing things not just for myself but for others too. Mostly tht stuff I buy others seem like to love the stuff.And I am good at matching outfits and adding accessories to look cute, sexy, beautiful and decent office look. :)

The reason I am writing this today is because almost all the clothes I wear, carry purses, wear shoes, and many other things, people around me seem to find cute, sexy and beautiful. Sometimes they like the mostly style and color. I feel good that I have a taste that actually others like. And I am not afraid of trying different colors and trying on different types of clothes, shoes, purses which I do not usually wear, carry....

Today I am wearing one of my favorite color sky quarter pant with a sky thin lined thin coat jacket whatever you want to call it. Its cute I know. hehe... not at all trying to say its great. I bought it since it has a beautiful color and looked fine on me. FYI, I am not really a person who thinks I am the great. I am good in many things but don't think I am the perfect and great one. Everyone knows no one is perfect.

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