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It's hot, really hot not just hot but humid too

It's hot, really hot not just hot but humid too. This is something which is not my favorites because hot weather just makes my skin darker and darker especially my hands and feet. Every year, I get worried thinking it will get dark but it does most of the year. This year its so dark already and I am not happy with that right now. For other SunBlock helps, for me its the reason to make myself darker, kinda sad but its the truth.

This week here is so hot tomorrow and Sunday going to be even hotter. Imagine hotter three digit temperature on top humid. I will make sure to protect myself from getting darker. :)

At least its weekend, and I get to watch "You,me and DuPree" tonight. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fun fun fun but more more expense expense expense but its for fun and I am happy with that. I already spent enough today will spend more and again this weekend once again on my favorite part shopping. Thats all me.


I'm like a goof when considering measurements. I'll tell you that chicken bones I'm tossing right this moment, for whatever they discern about the future.

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