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Listening to a Korean song

Listening to a Korean song. First thing,Am I Korean? The honest answer would be : NO. Do I understand Korean? Few words. How? Because I used to watch Korean channel (Arirang TV). And have interest in learning language.

First of all, I love learning different languages. Secondly, I love music and listening(also singing) to music from all over the world is my interest, hobby whatever you call it. As long as music,songs are not irritating, heavy metal, I would listen to it. Specially I would listen to love songs, and many other. Well the particular one I am listening to right is a love song which even has a video, really nice song and video. The music just makes me feel like me. The video does make you a little sad but its just showing what someone could do for you who loves you so much.

Lets not write more on it other wise I would just keep writing and words will finish. Let me save words for the day . :)

(korean song) kiss - Because i'm a girl


Which song is it? Do you have a link? I would love to hear it. Maybe I can translate the meaning. I am mostly just curious to experience what it is you have. Share the name or a link with us. Thanks.

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