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Monday not one of my favorite days but no choice

Monday not one of my favorite days but no choice whether you like it or not, it will come after Saturday,Sunday. Well this time, I had a very good weekend after a month actually. I went to cities to watch Cricket in a convertible. Ain't it great? Nothing but the convertible makes your day/weekend.

Sunday I went to the Air Show which was amazing, great, awesome. Don't know whats is the best way to say how good it was. My god those F16., Thunderbirds and B-52s were just so great. Even though F16 almost got into my ears, still it was great because it was just great hahaha.....I know what I am writing is not making sense but still I am typing. As long as I understand and if anyone who reads understands thats enough.

Ok now this is good enough about my weekend. Can't wait for Friday, I gotta go watch "YOU, ME and DuPree". I've been waiting for almost a month now. Finally once again I have to write that my weekend was great driving down in the Convertible.Someday I will own one of those. Someday,hopefully I will.

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