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Did I make it for the Summer Bash? Good Question

Did I make it for the Summer Bash? Good Question

Oh yeah I did. I had to, how can I not make it. I told back pain to stay away from me, hehehe. I reached the Pavillion 2 and had lunch Walleye Sandwich which was good but was a little hard to bite since it was a little cold. But the lunch was good. Then we had a Waterballoon toss, I asked C to be my toss partner. We did good, but couldn't make it to the last but still good. Good team work.

Then afterwards, we started to get ready for Volley ball. My team was B and we did good with all other teams. We became the champs and lost all. Unfortunately we lost the last game with the loosers which was a little sad but it was ok. It was fun. Then afterwards we headed to the Beach and all of us were in water for a while. Then we headed back to R and G's hotel room in Hawthorn, where we stayed about 30 minutes or so then headed to Green Mills. We drank talked, ate and had fun. And also drove other people away from the restaurant who were in there before us. They couldn't stand the noise we were making. Some of us were really drunk and were talking all sort of things, it was fun though.

Finally I left Green Mills around 9 or so, then headed home. The day was much more fun than I thought. Excellent day, need many more days and also more Company outings, parties. Very good time to hang out with all co-workers and spend some good time, eating, drinking, playing, talking and of course watch them drunk.


The Summer Bash went well even though it was a little cold. I didn't do well in the waterballoon toss which made it even colder!

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