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It was a good week last week and so was Saturday..

It was a good week last week and so was Saturday..Babu came with his friend and stayed at my place. It was fun to meet him after three months, not very long time compared to three years but it was nice. We talked about stuff which we always do, called home, but couldn't talk to babu. Mom and dad were surprised to hear that babu was here in my place. Mom didn't believe, mom even asked how did he come. I said on feet, hehehe.....He did come on feet, its just that he wasn't walking but was pushing the accelerator of an automobile. :)

Babu stayed Friday nite too, we went for dinner, we watched a nice movie together, talked and were all tired and went to bed also early. Next day, woke up early and headed to airport. I wished a little bit if he could stay longer but he has to go to school which started today. But overall was a good week and weekend. Three of us had good time together.

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