September 25, 2006

My weekend, nothing special but still was fun

My weekend, nothing special but still was fun. I was supposed to head to cities, cancelled the plan on Thursday due to some reason. It was raining on Friday & Saturday. I woke up Saturday, didn't really have anything planned. I wasn't like I want to go shopping, thats really unusual for me. I stayed home quiet, didn't even say I want to go out. I know its not because of rain but just I don't know why. But I did go out, did some shopping, spent money on clothes and some food too. As a whole Saturday was a good day.

Then came Sunday, was a very nice day. I wanted to go out but there wasn't anything planned for that. I stayed home, had some late lunch early evening, spent whole weekend there. Then I started my computer and went online for few minutes, met Ren online, chatted with her and she called me for 42 seconds. But she kept her promise, good thing.

I did have a goodnight sleep, I am glad. Its Monday after now, I am at work, typing these few words.

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September 21, 2006

Do I own anything that is Pink ?

Do I own anything that is Pink ? How everything I own happens to be Sky Blue/Navy Blue? Its just funny. I wonder if I own anything that is Pink though. Oh no I do have two light sweet Pink shirts which I wear very rarely. I like those but I just don't feel like I look good in those.

From water bottle to bagpacks to tops to pants, everything is blue. I sometimes wonder why, but then I think Yes because I like Blue and as soon as I see blue, I grab that. I try to look Girly and try to buy something Pink but never happens that way. It always ends up in navy/sky blue, sometimes beautiful dark maroon, sometimes brown/green only beautiful onces though then may be at times Pink. Its really funny what happens.

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I know its too much fat but sometime I just want to eat

I know its too much fat but sometime I just want to eat, but I didn't go to eat that so thats good. As soon as S said, me and RH are going to Arby's, I remembered Curly Fries. Ummmmm, Curly Fries, thats something I have been waiting to eat for a year or more than than. But after knowing Arby's has it, I really wanted to eat but its just been a year only in that case.

But well, I did satisfy myself looking at their Menu and of course their Nutrition Value, which didn't surprised me at all. But its good that they have it. At lease it gives an idea to people, its all upto to you, we have provided the Nutrional Value, upto you whether you want to eat or not. I like the idea.

Ok after S and RH got back from Arby's, I asked S how was it. She said it was good but not seasoned. Anyway Fries, I started liking it since 1998 after I started .......

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September 20, 2006

Frustrated, very frustrated and tired

Frustrated, very frustrated and tired.

Reason : I woke up this morning, getting ready for work, didn't have enough time to exercise so started to find clothes to wear to work. Here is starts, I decided now its already cold, lets wear my Jeans. I opened the bag and took the Jeans, I kinda had a though the Jeans looked like SHRINKED. But it was not the Jeans which got shrinked but it was me, who got SWOLLEN. Then I tried another one, it fit fine except a little tight on my waist due to my bigggggggg fatttttt belly. I was really disappointed and frustrated. I really need to stick to my plan now. I wish I could exercise every morning so hard and head to work. Or just exercise twice a day.

I am sick of myself, my body fat.

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September 18, 2006

Everyday I wake up thinking I have lost a lb but

Everyday I wake up thinking I have lost a lb but the day ends up in disppointment. I am not sure as to what to do now. I am doing everything I can. I do not eat Junk in a daily basis and don't eat like a pig but whats up with my body. And I do exercise too and now I am really frustrated with it. A person who never even was 120lb now is way way overweight.

I never get good sleep anymore wit this weight and of course my stress does not help either. I just don't know what to do anymore. Back is killing me on top with this heavy weight and still people around me thinks I am fine not overweight. I just can't stand it anymore. :'(

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September 13, 2006

If you ask me how was weekend, my answer would be ......

If you ask me how was weekend, my answer would be Great, it was a Blast after few weeks. Although couple of different things scared me and others in different ways. First of all, before I write anything, I will write never ever go to Fargo thinking that you will find a Gas Station on the way. Because its one of the worst highways where you won't find any, you won't see any sign of the Gas Station or lights or anything.

Its even worse if you are driving in the middle of the night, it will just scare the hell out of you. You will soon figure out that you are in the middle of nowhere except flat empty land. I just don't want anyone to go through that situation. Or even if you find a sign which says "Gas", the entire board you will see will be covered with Spray paint which will not help at all. Or after driving for miles and miles, finally you will see, 4 miles Gas, you will drive more than 6 miles, the Gas station will not show up. Imagine if you are driving like that at night on top alone, how would you feel. At least I wasn't alone, but was so scared.

Moral here is when you drive to Fargo, either drive in the daylight or dont. And make sure your tank is full of Gas.

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September 5, 2006

It all went as planned except......

It all went as planned except .....Everything worked out fine as planned. Uhaul, apartment and did pretty good with the plan, vacation which is in a way good. But moving was done and went to return the UHAUL and found out forgot the Car Key which was left in the Uhaul parking lot. It was a disaster then, walked to Walmart since didn't want to pay the Cab $30-$50 which is a lot of money. Then walked to Walmart, tried to reach friends for help nothing worked which is not surprising because nothing good/easy happens to me. Waited in Walmart for 45 minutes and finally came a bus. Then changed the bus in Mall and went to downtown where decided to eat Taj and met friend who was ready to help. Then things went out fine after that. Was dead tired and fell asleep on the living room carpet. Had a goodnight sleep though.

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