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Frustrated, very frustrated and tired

Frustrated, very frustrated and tired.

Reason : I woke up this morning, getting ready for work, didn't have enough time to exercise so started to find clothes to wear to work. Here is starts, I decided now its already cold, lets wear my Jeans. I opened the bag and took the Jeans, I kinda had a though the Jeans looked like SHRINKED. But it was not the Jeans which got shrinked but it was me, who got SWOLLEN. Then I tried another one, it fit fine except a little tight on my waist due to my bigggggggg fatttttt belly. I was really disappointed and frustrated. I really need to stick to my plan now. I wish I could exercise every morning so hard and head to work. Or just exercise twice a day.

I am sick of myself, my body fat.

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