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If you ask me how was weekend, my answer would be ......

If you ask me how was weekend, my answer would be Great, it was a Blast after few weeks. Although couple of different things scared me and others in different ways. First of all, before I write anything, I will write never ever go to Fargo thinking that you will find a Gas Station on the way. Because its one of the worst highways where you won't find any, you won't see any sign of the Gas Station or lights or anything.

Its even worse if you are driving in the middle of the night, it will just scare the hell out of you. You will soon figure out that you are in the middle of nowhere except flat empty land. I just don't want anyone to go through that situation. Or even if you find a sign which says "Gas", the entire board you will see will be covered with Spray paint which will not help at all. Or after driving for miles and miles, finally you will see, 4 miles Gas, you will drive more than 6 miles, the Gas station will not show up. Imagine if you are driving like that at night on top alone, how would you feel. At least I wasn't alone, but was so scared.

Moral here is when you drive to Fargo, either drive in the daylight or dont. And make sure your tank is full of Gas.

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