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It all went as planned except......

It all went as planned except .....Everything worked out fine as planned. Uhaul, apartment and did pretty good with the plan, vacation which is in a way good. But moving was done and went to return the UHAUL and found out forgot the Car Key which was left in the Uhaul parking lot. It was a disaster then, walked to Walmart since didn't want to pay the Cab $30-$50 which is a lot of money. Then walked to Walmart, tried to reach friends for help nothing worked which is not surprising because nothing good/easy happens to me. Waited in Walmart for 45 minutes and finally came a bus. Then changed the bus in Mall and went to downtown where decided to eat Taj and met friend who was ready to help. Then things went out fine after that. Was dead tired and fell asleep on the living room carpet. Had a goodnight sleep though.

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