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My weekend, nothing special but still was fun

My weekend, nothing special but still was fun. I was supposed to head to cities, cancelled the plan on Thursday due to some reason. It was raining on Friday & Saturday. I woke up Saturday, didn't really have anything planned. I wasn't like I want to go shopping, thats really unusual for me. I stayed home quiet, didn't even say I want to go out. I know its not because of rain but just I don't know why. But I did go out, did some shopping, spent money on clothes and some food too. As a whole Saturday was a good day.

Then came Sunday, was a very nice day. I wanted to go out but there wasn't anything planned for that. I stayed home, had some late lunch early evening, spent whole weekend there. Then I started my computer and went online for few minutes, met Ren online, chatted with her and she called me for 42 seconds. But she kept her promise, good thing.

I did have a goodnight sleep, I am glad. Its Monday after now, I am at work, typing these few words.

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