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No matter where they stay, mentality always stays narrow...

No matter where they stay, mentality always stays narrow...This is just not based on one person, but looking at many/lot of people I am typing this here.

I don't even know why they are born, because they are just burden for the mother nature, earth whatever you want to call it. Why born when all you are going to do, talk BS about others, interfere in others business, gather BS stuff from others and tell. And plus they themselves are so bad they can't think someone else can be different. They do not understand the meaning of NO, well this is because they just grew up like that in a narrow mind, screwed up family. Thats exactly why they become narrow minded a_ _ holes.

Just making people angry, upset, disturbed and what not.


I think every pitch, be it with a blogger or a consumer, needs to be relevant for them that allows action to take set. Seems like it is taking awhile for your old-school to understand how to talk to the new-school!

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