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One should ask me how was TX and OK for the second time and how was Sunti?

One should ask me how was TX and OK for the second time and how was Sunti?The answer to that would be great, greater than I thought. Except a small something happened, but my vacation was great. I got to me meet my family, friends and everyone I wanted to meet. It was just so awesome. I didn't really go anywhere new but met some new people. Tisha, who is about 14 months, dai & tataju's daughter, she is just so cute, sweet, wanted to play with her all the time I was there. Poonam was there too, met her after almost a year which was fun too. We talked, hung out together, got some gifts from here. :)

Then I went back to TX and met Sunny and his family. Well the best part about that was I became really good friend with Darshana. We had things in common and thoughts in common. We talked shared things and that was so much fun for me. We didn't get to go do nails but still the time I spent with her, Sunny, Bibek and Ani were really fun. I wanted to stay there longer but couldn't.

I talked to babu a lot too, we went to OK to meet Chere dai, tataju,kehey woh Tisha. One night and two days were so much fun. We ate lunch dinner together, everything was just so great.

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