November 30, 2006

Week after week days are passing...

Week after week days are passing and its almost the end of the year. From tomorrow, new month is starting December. And its the day when I was born. I am not excited since according to "TITHI", my birthday was last Saturday and thats when I celebrate usually. But since now the number behind 2 in my age is increasing, I do not want to celebrate it anymore. Rather I work on pursuing better things for my career, set up goals,achieve them. If I was back home, may be I might have celebrated with my family but its different over here. I know they did Puja and all for me, and I felt like I did celebrate.

Anyway now that December is starting, other people's birthdays are coming too. I'm excited for them. Always happy for others, thats me always.

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November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving holiday...

For the first time in five year history, I made it to Best Buy. It was fun, although was not that much fun to get up early morning in the cold. But when I saw all others, it made me feel good. Cold,dark but was fun,hehe..And on top I got something for my brothers, even better.

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November 15, 2006

Disastrous morning, and I knew the consequences..

Disastrous morning, and I knew the consequences of it. That hour was really disastrous, but after that was fine. Found whatever I thought was missing. At least good, a big relief but I knew how the day would turn out. And same thing is happening right now.

Well, like I say, Good things never happen to good people, its once again applied here. Not just with cards, food but even phone died now. What a day? I love this day, grrrrr.....Always thought for others first and ended up with terrible result for myself. What a luck I have man? Thanks a lot God for that. Its very nice whatever you have done. I'm suffering right now and I do hope, I didn't but can't help it.

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November 14, 2006

One hour between 4 to 5pm was a big rush to me today. What an hour it was?

One hour between 4 to 5pm was a big rush to me today. What an hour it was?

Around 4pm, I found out that the new build is coming our way. I promised to run the scripts. Then I remembered I cant because the RUN button is disabled in my account. Then I run to find JM, I cant find him, I am running around. The same time Mudd asked me if I could substitute for VolleyBall. I told him I will answer in a bit and then at the same time, I get these Fun Committee emails, not one, not two but few. It was a fun and rush hour for me today. Finally its done and everything went welll except whatever we tried didn't work.

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November 10, 2006

I call them weirdo, what do you call them? I am sure same

I call them weirdo, what do you call them? I am sure same. How can a person's mood changes in minutes? It can only if something disastrous or something bad happens. I just cant believe some people how easy for them to get mad. They can say anything they want to others, anything means anything but others cant tell a small true thing. RIght there shows F anger. I hate it man, I just hate it .

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Mom's b'day and the same was babu's result..

Mom's b'day and the same was babu's result..Yesterday I was talking to babu that, I think its mom's b'day. We were just talking about it and saying, we should call home then. We just said bye and went to bed. At 5 in the morning, my phone rings, I looked at the number, I knew it is from home. I took the call, here goes Hello: From the other end babu said hello. I thought he was going to tell "Tata:I got in" . I really was hoping as always and expecting that this time, hundred %, it will work. He and my parents have worked enough for that to happen.

But babu said, its mom's b'day and you guys didn't call home. I said I know but I didn't have card so we didn't call. I talked to Bajema,Tama,Aunty, mummy, babu and daddy. It was fun but it was just that the time was wrong since I was sleeping and was 5am. We talked for about 15-20 minutes and said bye for now and hung up.

I came to work and around 10am, another babu calls and says, Tata, its mom's b'day. We should call home, do you have card? I said no, but I will get it from dai. I called dai and got the card, gave the PIN to babu. In less than 2 minutes, my phone rang. We started to talk, but dad said the bad news, he didn't get in this time either. He did Pass but it didn't come in the list. Although one of his fren's name only came. I was sad and so babu was. We all had hoped this one will definitely work, but I am thinking may be there is something better waiting for him. Lets hope for the best now.

I was at work so didn't want to stay on phone for long so said bye to babu and mom. And told them,they should keep talking. I do not how long did they talk, but I am sure mom is happy to hear and receive call from us.

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November 4, 2006

Friday nite and Saturday....

Friday nite and Saturday, had an awesome time. Last nite was a small gathering, it was fun. I was out very late after a while but was good.Got up early like usual but then went back to sleep after staying in the computer for 2 hours. I really didn't have a good sleep but still was in bed for a while after that. I had a dream too but I cant remember.

Anyway since I got up late, the day finished really fast. Just looking at the clock, it was 5 pm and was already so dark outside. I just wanted watch a movie or something, so started watching HUM TUM. Its an old movie but I just like it so much. It makes me feel reallly good you know. Its just nice, no words to explain not really I do have words to explain thats why I am typing about it hehe.....

On top tall, Abhisekh Bachhan walks in so nicely, turns me on. hehehehe.....He is dark which I do not like on men but I don't know there is something about him. His height kills me and the way, he walks and acts I guess. Anyway too much about him now. Rani is also so pretty in it, she is always pretty but especially in this movie since she has also lost some weight which makes her look better way better. Saif is not bad either, though the movie always makes me cry. Its touching at least for me I think. But there are few parts, I think its too much but overall is a good fun, romantic movie. I loveeeee it.

Now the movie is done, I want to watch some other movie, and I do not have other which I actually want to watch right now.So, I am on the net back as always. I might work lets see....

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November 3, 2006

"Borat", its out today but I can't go watch it, how sad wanna know why

"Borat", its out today but I can't go watch it, how sad wanna know why, because the theatres in my city do not have it today or this weekend. So, excited thinking I will go watch it tonight but no, now plan is changed. Now watching movie tonight. Just something else is planned. Hopefully it will be here next week so that I can go watch it.

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November 2, 2006

Things have been little not right since I got back from vacation

Things have been little not right since I got back from vacation. Do I know? I think I know but at the same time I do not know. I got back, same day got sore throat, thanks to the weather gave me fever the next day and it didn't go away for the next few days, actually almost for a week, it stayed, kept making me feel sick and tired.

I too took care nicely, tried to eat well and also slept enough. I think it helped now, today I feel fine but after a long hour work at my desk, my neck is hurting and I really want to get home ASAP.

Do I get to leave right away?I dont know yet.

I forgot to write something down here, yesterday afternoon, I looked at my watch because it looked dark outside, it showed 2:30pm. I thought man it looks so late but its just 2:30pm. I cant wait it to be 5pm.While working, I had my eyes on the computer clock but around 4 something I went inside GI. I looked at my watch, again 2:30pm, I told myself oh man, its just 2:30pm. Thats when I realized that my watch's battery died. I wasn't happy but couldn't do anything but to ask around where to go put the battery. Since I came here, either I threw the watch or never replaced the battery. I did replace it for $6 this morning, I am happy. I will have to replace for another watch too, lets see next time.

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