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Mom's b'day and the same was babu's result..

Mom's b'day and the same was babu's result..Yesterday I was talking to babu that, I think its mom's b'day. We were just talking about it and saying, we should call home then. We just said bye and went to bed. At 5 in the morning, my phone rings, I looked at the number, I knew it is from home. I took the call, here goes Hello: From the other end babu said hello. I thought he was going to tell "Tata:I got in" . I really was hoping as always and expecting that this time, hundred %, it will work. He and my parents have worked enough for that to happen.

But babu said, its mom's b'day and you guys didn't call home. I said I know but I didn't have card so we didn't call. I talked to Bajema,Tama,Aunty, mummy, babu and daddy. It was fun but it was just that the time was wrong since I was sleeping and was 5am. We talked for about 15-20 minutes and said bye for now and hung up.

I came to work and around 10am, another babu calls and says, Tata, its mom's b'day. We should call home, do you have card? I said no, but I will get it from dai. I called dai and got the card, gave the PIN to babu. In less than 2 minutes, my phone rang. We started to talk, but dad said the bad news, he didn't get in this time either. He did Pass but it didn't come in the list. Although one of his fren's name only came. I was sad and so babu was. We all had hoped this one will definitely work, but I am thinking may be there is something better waiting for him. Lets hope for the best now.

I was at work so didn't want to stay on phone for long so said bye to babu and mom. And told them,they should keep talking. I do not how long did they talk, but I am sure mom is happy to hear and receive call from us.

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