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Things have been little not right since I got back from vacation

Things have been little not right since I got back from vacation. Do I know? I think I know but at the same time I do not know. I got back, same day got sore throat, thanks to the weather gave me fever the next day and it didn't go away for the next few days, actually almost for a week, it stayed, kept making me feel sick and tired.

I too took care nicely, tried to eat well and also slept enough. I think it helped now, today I feel fine but after a long hour work at my desk, my neck is hurting and I really want to get home ASAP.

Do I get to leave right away?I dont know yet.

I forgot to write something down here, yesterday afternoon, I looked at my watch because it looked dark outside, it showed 2:30pm. I thought man it looks so late but its just 2:30pm. I cant wait it to be 5pm.While working, I had my eyes on the computer clock but around 4 something I went inside GI. I looked at my watch, again 2:30pm, I told myself oh man, its just 2:30pm. Thats when I realized that my watch's battery died. I wasn't happy but couldn't do anything but to ask around where to go put the battery. Since I came here, either I threw the watch or never replaced the battery. I did replace it for $6 this morning, I am happy. I will have to replace for another watch too, lets see next time.

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