December 19, 2006

Its almost the end of the year in the English calendar which everyone is aware of

Its almost the end of the year in the English calendar which everyone is aware of, I'm little happy that its a 4 day week and 4 day weekend. Although I am on vacation for CA next week. I am excited, and hoping to success more goals of my life, work harder honestly and so exercise harder honestly and stay in shape. :)

Oh well, things have been little too busy at work and starting next year, its going to be really really busy. I know what I am assigned to do and I am ready to work on it and I know I will do good.

I'm really tired so can't even type anything anymore. I'm putting a period right here. :)

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December 8, 2006

Types of people, think what type are you?

There are different types of people; starting from honest and straight forward, kiss ass,liars, proud, selfish and many more I can't remember at this moment. But overall, the people who are honest, straight forward and good people never seem to get treated well as the dishonest, liars and kiss ass people get. They do get way better than the good people. I have seen this a lot and by experience I am writing this and not based on any survey or anyone's opinion.

When you think about it, you might think honest, good and straight forward people should get treated better because you can tell what's inside them. You can tell what he is thinking and might think or might do. When a person is a kiss ass, liar and dishonest, you really can never tell what is inside and whats outside, what is truth and whats not. They do tend to say for Yes and No within a short time for the same thing. They forget what they said yesterday and give different answer today/tomorrow. They forget and the next day,and their answer changes. Thats when you can tell, that person is actually lying. And talking about kiss ass, the way they talk, god I hate it. Why can't people act like normal people?

And finally think which kinda you are ? Are you happy the kind you are?

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December 5, 2006

Sphagetti Veggie ball for lunch, does it sound good?

Sphagetti Veggie ball for lunch, does it sound good? Read it again, its Veggie Balls not Meat. Myself and CP went to Superior to get some stuff for Holiday Bowling Event. We did spend a lot of time there without realizing, but we got some good stuff which is nice. By the time, we were done shopping, both were starving. I decided to go downstairs and eat from Luce and got Sphagetti Veggie ball. I was not brave enough to try because here, Veggie means at many place and for many people Chicken and at time bacon is mixed/hidden in it. But my co-worker who is also my fren, told me its not meat so you are safe. I decided to try, and that was awesome. But still I feel like that was meat although it didn't taste anything like meat. I'm not sure if I will eat that again but sure the dish was good.

Now I am planning on making some Momo tonight also some Qwati and also some Cutlet which I can make it like meat balls. Yippie and I am sacrificing gym tonight very bad, very very bad.

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Whats the next day after November 30th?..

Whats the next day after November 30th?Yes, you are right its December 1st, its the first day of the last month of the year. Day started, I was too tired, since it is my birthday according to Tarik, I decided to leave little early too. I didnt want to leave because it was Dec 1st, but because the whole week was so tiresome, hectic. And that morning, I was even more tired. I left work between 2:30-3pm. I went with some of my frens to Applebee's for lunch because I hadn't had anything that day except a bowl of cerial early morning at 8am. I was starving, I reached Applebee's, thank god it was not busy, after lunch less busy time. So, we ordered and I headed to the lady's room but instead I entered a Men's room. I felt a little weird, there were two regular bathroom, out of that one was handicapped one. I then noticed something in the corner.

Before I decided to use the bathroom, I just wanted to see what the corner was, there I see something unusual in a Women's room. I think why is this here in a Women's room. Right away I realized Oh My God, I am in a wrong bathrooom, I am in Men's room. I went out and checked and Yes, I was right, I was in a wrong bathroom. I was so embarassed, it was funny and at the same time embarassing that I entered a wrong bathroom. Luckily, there were no men in the bathroom and no one saw me.

I went in the Women's room and kept thiking Oh My God, Oh My God. I came out and checked if there was any camera outside. I didn't see any and I hope there is not one hidden. Then I walked upto my frens and tell them " You know what happened.I entered Men's room by mistake". Both look at me with Shock in their face. They didn't laugh or say What, but just a shock. hehehe..

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