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Sphagetti Veggie ball for lunch, does it sound good?

Sphagetti Veggie ball for lunch, does it sound good? Read it again, its Veggie Balls not Meat. Myself and CP went to Superior to get some stuff for Holiday Bowling Event. We did spend a lot of time there without realizing, but we got some good stuff which is nice. By the time, we were done shopping, both were starving. I decided to go downstairs and eat from Luce and got Sphagetti Veggie ball. I was not brave enough to try because here, Veggie means at many place and for many people Chicken and at time bacon is mixed/hidden in it. But my co-worker who is also my fren, told me its not meat so you are safe. I decided to try, and that was awesome. But still I feel like that was meat although it didn't taste anything like meat. I'm not sure if I will eat that again but sure the dish was good.

Now I am planning on making some Momo tonight also some Qwati and also some Cutlet which I can make it like meat balls. Yippie and I am sacrificing gym tonight very bad, very very bad.

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