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Types of people, think what type are you?

There are different types of people; starting from honest and straight forward, kiss ass,liars, proud, selfish and many more I can't remember at this moment. But overall, the people who are honest, straight forward and good people never seem to get treated well as the dishonest, liars and kiss ass people get. They do get way better than the good people. I have seen this a lot and by experience I am writing this and not based on any survey or anyone's opinion.

When you think about it, you might think honest, good and straight forward people should get treated better because you can tell what's inside them. You can tell what he is thinking and might think or might do. When a person is a kiss ass, liar and dishonest, you really can never tell what is inside and whats outside, what is truth and whats not. They do tend to say for Yes and No within a short time for the same thing. They forget what they said yesterday and give different answer today/tomorrow. They forget and the next day,and their answer changes. Thats when you can tell, that person is actually lying. And talking about kiss ass, the way they talk, god I hate it. Why can't people act like normal people?

And finally think which kinda you are ? Are you happy the kind you are?

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