January 30, 2007

Oh god, its Monday again..

After working Saturday and Sunday, it didn't really feel like I had a weekend but it was not that bad. I did some productive work and that was very good. Anyway Monday I still was a little sick, had cough wasn't feeling the best but I had to make myself ready for everything. I couldn't say anymore, I am sick, or I have cold or cough. Its not like me anyway.

I came to work and headed for Core Training, it was good, very very good yesterday. We had some new steps added, my goodness those Push Ups and tap, those were great. I can still feel on my arms, great work out.

Work as usual was good, and busy at work. I had an evaluation thing yesterday, it went well. I did tell what I had things on my mind and thats pretty good. Because I always forget to mention what I want to. Although now I am starting to feel, I think I still forgot something, hehehehe......

Oh well, just hoping all will go well. My theme, be honest as usual, work hard/work harder, respect everyone, do your best, never give up, and for the most part, the most important one always think positive. Sometimes you reach at a point when you have to think negative but, still think positive. Positive attitude makes a big difference in a lot.

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Its been few days, I opened my blog and wrote something in it

Well, I was sick last week but was thinking not to help on weekend to work on the Jan29th,07 Release. But then I thought if I cant devote few hours extra, whats the purpose of saying in the Status Report every week, I will if needed. So, I did work Saturday about 4-5 hours and also Sunday for about 6 something hours.

I was able to do what I assigned myself. Eveything went smooth except I had cough, cold, kinda fever all weekend. I was glad that I was able to help. I learnt some new functionality and I really felt good about that. I am always up for challenge and learn new things. It was good overall.

I am glad for what I did even though I wasn't feeling great with my health. I didn't really get time to do anything in the weekend but for sure work.

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January 26, 2007

What a Friday today?

I was sick yesterday, after work even more sick when I reached home. I didn't want to get up this morning but I did when my parents called me. I talked for few minutes and thought of getting ready to work. It was already 8 am, took a shower, got ready, dried my hair and left to work. I knew I had a lot to do today but didn't think that day would be like this.

I came to work and started working on my tasks. I had to email a developer for help on one of the TTPs. He was too busy and I didn't get reply at all until I went to talk to him around 4pm. Thank god that got resolved. I got pulled over to ASP in the afternoon, it took quite a while to test too. Then again back and forth, I am working on different things, I didn't have any clue what I was doing after a while. And there goes some BS Test cases, don't make sense. At one point, I did regret, why did I take this task, not because its hard but its a complete mess thats why I regret. I do not want to be blamed because someone else didn't do their work and I had to do that. I am sure no one likes that.

Anyway I do have cold and headache but I am too busy at work, I didn't realize what I had/have or how I was/am. The business hours are done but I am still at work and its 6:06pm. I don't want to stay here longer but I want to get done with this work too at the same time.

Too busy for Friday these things. Friday should be always quiet, so that people can relax and start thinking about the weekend and have some fun. I am sure everyone would agree with me in that case.

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January 25, 2007

I was tired when I woke up but now ..

I came to work, started working on my tasks. After sometime, I started coughing really hard, I started feeling more tired, sick and started feeling like I have fever. I was feeling so down, sad so felt like calling ...I tried many times but I don't know why but it didn't work today. That made me feel even worse. Then I called Y to sign me up for Yoga today and I hear "I'm sorry but its cancelled today". Thanks, now that made me feel even worse.

I just got back from WellsFargo, I went there for some work and now I am feeling even worse. I might just pass out I think.

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January 23, 2007

Its been two days, I haven't worked out

Sunday, it didn't happen. Monday, I couldn't go because I had forgotten to eat because of work and didn't go. Tuesday, I usually go after work but haven't gone from last week. I feel really lazy to go after work though. If there is a scheduled class, I would but ...

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January 20, 2007

Boot Camp on Saturday Jan 20th

Boot Camp is a cardio class in Y. its one very agressive cardio class. Well, the reason I am writing here is not because it is a cardio class but has a different reason behind it. I have been telling, I want to try Boot Camp and have been just saying the same thing for few months now. Last week, I had planned to go but it was too cold outside,and that was my excuse to not go, I said No and just slept.

Once again, this week I told myself, I am going no matter what. I did get up early, got ready and headed to Y. I reached few minutes before it started, the warm up for the class "Running", as a matter of fact, running is one of the things I am bad at and I do not like it. But well I did fine. I can run but just for few laps on a track, after that I am ready to walk not run.

All the different steps the Boot Camp had was fun. The most hardest part for me was the 2&3 - Push Up and Running. It just killed me. I drank so much water and I thought I was going to pass out. But I didn't give up and didn't pass out either, I kept running, did everything and I survived. And I am glad I went to the class finally after so many months of I want to go, I want to try the class. Now I am planning on going more from next weekend.

Boot Camp, Great one. Good Luck to me. :)

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January 17, 2007

Hothon se chhu lo tum and jhuki jhuki si nazar

I'm a big music fan, I listen to varieties of music. One of my favorite is Gazal,Yes,thats right, its "Gazal", some people might think, its crazy for a young person to like Gazals but well yeah...... It usually makes me feel calm, when I am in bad mood or at times, it makes me feel better. But it does not mean I listen to Gazals all the time and I am picky about it too. I usually listen to Jagjit Singh's Gazal. I've listened to a lot of them, and have been listening to them since I was very little. I do not know what made me like Gazals but may be the deep meaning behind it. I do listen to Javed Akhtar and Pankaj Udhas too. They are great too but my first priority is Jagjit.

"Hothon se chhu lo tum and jhuki jhuki si nazar" are one of my very favorite Gazals from many years. The first time I heard these Gazals were when I was like 9-10 years old and I liked it that time and till now I am listening to those. As a matter of fact, right now also listening to Hothon Se.......

To be continued....................

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January 16, 2007

I didn't think it would happen but it did

I found out yesterday that my lead is leaving work and joining another company in the cities. When she told me that I was a little shocked but at the same time....I was sad deep inside, I just didn't express myself. Then I came to work this morning and email was sent out in the afternoon.I read the email and was sad again. Everyone was talking about it and later suddenly I was thinking about it and my tears actually fell off. I just couldn't stop it, it just kept falling. I know I am very strong and usually tears do not come easily but it did.I guess its just because I have worked with her so close from the time I started working here. And my cube is next to her, we are neighbours in that way. I mean its not fun to think that after few weeks, she will be gone. Its for good, and I want to wish her luck, but just the fact that I will be here alone now makes me feel even more sad.

I was just wiping my tears and one of my co-worker comes this way to talk to me. He saw my tears of course and said later. He didn't say anything and just went. But from that time, I am trying to stay calm without dropping tears because I do not usually show my emotions to everyone. I feel that my lead and myself have good friendship and have things in common, we talk about a lot of things. Its just a little sad but well its life.

I just want to wish her Good Luck with her new job.

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January 15, 2007

Music, its one the best things in the world

At least I think, and my brothers and some of my musician friends say so too.Can you imagine life without music? I mean it would be just so boring, lifeless I guess. I am listening to one and its cheering me up. I have a big tension on my head but I am not worried at all about that because music is making me feel relaxed. I have quite a few work done without any interruption too. Music, its great. Although not all music is great, everyone has their choice but overall good music is good for ya.

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January 12, 2007

Friday, waiting for it to come but its here once again

Its here, but I am not sure if I have anything planned for tonight or for this weekend. Although for the weekend I do , I have to update my Resume which I hadn't for the past 6 months. Weekend remind me, I have to meet someone at 11am closer to my apartment. And another thing I have to do is, get some rest too.

Its almost an hour, I was going to leave for home but still here. Its cold outside, don't want to even get out.

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I knew it was coming but what I didn't know ..

I knew it was coming but what I didn't know was it was coming the opposite way I had thought or was coming something that I had not expected at all. It got mentioned two days back and my world it shook my world. It gave me way more tension to me than what I had already. It disturbed me in every possible way. But whatelse could I do, I have to face it. I didn't expect that but I guess I have to expect it. I'm still hoping, hopefully it will be taken care and will not have to go through that, I am praying for that.

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January 10, 2007

Two new things about my two friends Namrata

Few days back I saw NR online, but we couldn't talk because she had to go for dinner. Her mom was calling her but she promised me to come online later. I waited amd waited it didn't happen and I wrote to her. The next day, I got her email saying "Sorry, couldn't connect to the internet,and the best part of that email was, I am getting married in March. Are you coming home that time? " I was like oh my god, I was excited. I quickly wrote her back and now I got another email today. So, we will be chatting soon before she gets really busy with her wedding things.

And today I talk to ND, she is been really busy lately. I finally got to talk to her. She goes I am coming to NY in May, we should meet. Man, I was once again so excited, excited because I can go to meet her, hopefully that will work out fine. I am happy for both of them.

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January 5, 2007

Its Friday today, I am glad the week is done

Yes the week is done finally, I wasn't doing really good with health but was fine Thursday. Once again not good today but its ok. I should rest this weekend, lets see how much will it work. Although I have things planned to do at home, cleaning, mainly.

I came back from the meeting and here I see on my screen, dot dot dot. I was surprised and happy and thought of calling. I did call, and talked for few minutes, short, little cute conversation. Hoping for a longer and better one soon. Can't wait for that. hehe....

I was just thinking about something, out of nowhere I thought of reading my old emails, then I came across some emails, which made me feel really happy. But at the same time, I came across this one email my sweet cousin sent me long time back in reply to my email. It made me feel good, I just felt how close we are, still close but very far distance wise. Soon the distance will cancel and get to hang out once again like good old days.

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Why am I sufferring so much ? Is it going to go away ever

I have done everything but nothing is helping me that much I guess. I don't know what the exact cause of it. My weight, my posture, what is it. After a while, its hurting once more today, really bad. Its hurting so bad, I feel like I have fever, and I can actually fall asleep right now since its making me feel very tired too. I don't know how I am feeling with pain, the pain is really severe right now, more than 7 on the 1-10 scale.

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January 3, 2007

Things seem ok until earlier today but not anymore

Things seem ok until earlier today but not anymore, just remember how much things I have to take care in these 3-4 months. GRE, grad School, new apartment, health checkups and many more. I tried a couple of things today and few didn't work and few are really hard onces. The hardest part is apartment hunt, you can find a good apartment but you might not be able to afford it. And you might be able to afford it but might not find a good one, or in a good neighborhood. Its just so hard.These things are going to make my life hell one more time.

And I can never save money and have never money to buy something. I want to buy something but I know that I cant at least for sometime. god help me.

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January 2, 2007

California for the second time

California for the second time was great. I got to go to places where I didn't go last time. The best part was beaches specially the Santa Monica because I got to play in the water. It was awesome, I wanted to stay there longer but we had to go to Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Malibu the same day too. We did go everywhere and it was really fun. Ate in many Chinese, Japanese and some other restaurants, good way to put on weight although I have to lose weight. But was fun, it was just right amount of time, no too short not too long.

The only place we didn't go was Napa which we thought was not worth going in Winter. But otherwise we went everywhere planned and did everything we wanted. Yosemite valley, Yosemite park, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Venice were awesome. Pier 39 was fun as usual, walked there quite a bit, but was too windy and cold but was fine. I got tonsil but was worth it, :) .

And one more thing, I experienced was driving that 75 degree steep hill up and down, that just scared the hell out of me. The road just kept going and going, and after going up about 3-4 steep hills, the next thing you see is you cant right or left turn but have to go straight down the 75 degree steep hill. We all were like ready, Ok, lets go. I was on phone when we climbed the most steep hill, I was like "Oh my god". We kept going up hill and down hill for a while, head started spinning finding spot in China Town but finally we saw a Pay Parking Lot and we made it without problem. After all we all had fun. I enjoyed RL and K's company.

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