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Boot Camp on Saturday Jan 20th

Boot Camp is a cardio class in Y. its one very agressive cardio class. Well, the reason I am writing here is not because it is a cardio class but has a different reason behind it. I have been telling, I want to try Boot Camp and have been just saying the same thing for few months now. Last week, I had planned to go but it was too cold outside,and that was my excuse to not go, I said No and just slept.

Once again, this week I told myself, I am going no matter what. I did get up early, got ready and headed to Y. I reached few minutes before it started, the warm up for the class "Running", as a matter of fact, running is one of the things I am bad at and I do not like it. But well I did fine. I can run but just for few laps on a track, after that I am ready to walk not run.

All the different steps the Boot Camp had was fun. The most hardest part for me was the 2&3 - Push Up and Running. It just killed me. I drank so much water and I thought I was going to pass out. But I didn't give up and didn't pass out either, I kept running, did everything and I survived. And I am glad I went to the class finally after so many months of I want to go, I want to try the class. Now I am planning on going more from next weekend.

Boot Camp, Great one. Good Luck to me. :)

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