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California for the second time

California for the second time was great. I got to go to places where I didn't go last time. The best part was beaches specially the Santa Monica because I got to play in the water. It was awesome, I wanted to stay there longer but we had to go to Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Malibu the same day too. We did go everywhere and it was really fun. Ate in many Chinese, Japanese and some other restaurants, good way to put on weight although I have to lose weight. But was fun, it was just right amount of time, no too short not too long.

The only place we didn't go was Napa which we thought was not worth going in Winter. But otherwise we went everywhere planned and did everything we wanted. Yosemite valley, Yosemite park, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Venice were awesome. Pier 39 was fun as usual, walked there quite a bit, but was too windy and cold but was fine. I got tonsil but was worth it, :) .

And one more thing, I experienced was driving that 75 degree steep hill up and down, that just scared the hell out of me. The road just kept going and going, and after going up about 3-4 steep hills, the next thing you see is you cant right or left turn but have to go straight down the 75 degree steep hill. We all were like ready, Ok, lets go. I was on phone when we climbed the most steep hill, I was like "Oh my god". We kept going up hill and down hill for a while, head started spinning finding spot in China Town but finally we saw a Pay Parking Lot and we made it without problem. After all we all had fun. I enjoyed RL and K's company.


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