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I didn't think it would happen but it did

I found out yesterday that my lead is leaving work and joining another company in the cities. When she told me that I was a little shocked but at the same time....I was sad deep inside, I just didn't express myself. Then I came to work this morning and email was sent out in the afternoon.I read the email and was sad again. Everyone was talking about it and later suddenly I was thinking about it and my tears actually fell off. I just couldn't stop it, it just kept falling. I know I am very strong and usually tears do not come easily but it did.I guess its just because I have worked with her so close from the time I started working here. And my cube is next to her, we are neighbours in that way. I mean its not fun to think that after few weeks, she will be gone. Its for good, and I want to wish her luck, but just the fact that I will be here alone now makes me feel even more sad.

I was just wiping my tears and one of my co-worker comes this way to talk to me. He saw my tears of course and said later. He didn't say anything and just went. But from that time, I am trying to stay calm without dropping tears because I do not usually show my emotions to everyone. I feel that my lead and myself have good friendship and have things in common, we talk about a lot of things. Its just a little sad but well its life.

I just want to wish her Good Luck with her new job.

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