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Its been few days, I opened my blog and wrote something in it

Well, I was sick last week but was thinking not to help on weekend to work on the Jan29th,07 Release. But then I thought if I cant devote few hours extra, whats the purpose of saying in the Status Report every week, I will if needed. So, I did work Saturday about 4-5 hours and also Sunday for about 6 something hours.

I was able to do what I assigned myself. Eveything went smooth except I had cough, cold, kinda fever all weekend. I was glad that I was able to help. I learnt some new functionality and I really felt good about that. I am always up for challenge and learn new things. It was good overall.

I am glad for what I did even though I wasn't feeling great with my health. I didn't really get time to do anything in the weekend but for sure work.

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