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Its Friday today, I am glad the week is done

Yes the week is done finally, I wasn't doing really good with health but was fine Thursday. Once again not good today but its ok. I should rest this weekend, lets see how much will it work. Although I have things planned to do at home, cleaning, mainly.

I came back from the meeting and here I see on my screen, dot dot dot. I was surprised and happy and thought of calling. I did call, and talked for few minutes, short, little cute conversation. Hoping for a longer and better one soon. Can't wait for that. hehe....

I was just thinking about something, out of nowhere I thought of reading my old emails, then I came across some emails, which made me feel really happy. But at the same time, I came across this one email my sweet cousin sent me long time back in reply to my email. It made me feel good, I just felt how close we are, still close but very far distance wise. Soon the distance will cancel and get to hang out once again like good old days.

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