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Oh god, its Monday again..

After working Saturday and Sunday, it didn't really feel like I had a weekend but it was not that bad. I did some productive work and that was very good. Anyway Monday I still was a little sick, had cough wasn't feeling the best but I had to make myself ready for everything. I couldn't say anymore, I am sick, or I have cold or cough. Its not like me anyway.

I came to work and headed for Core Training, it was good, very very good yesterday. We had some new steps added, my goodness those Push Ups and tap, those were great. I can still feel on my arms, great work out.

Work as usual was good, and busy at work. I had an evaluation thing yesterday, it went well. I did tell what I had things on my mind and thats pretty good. Because I always forget to mention what I want to. Although now I am starting to feel, I think I still forgot something, hehehehe......

Oh well, just hoping all will go well. My theme, be honest as usual, work hard/work harder, respect everyone, do your best, never give up, and for the most part, the most important one always think positive. Sometimes you reach at a point when you have to think negative but, still think positive. Positive attitude makes a big difference in a lot.


I also think a positive attitude makes a big difference. It can help you find solutions to situations that you wouldn't see otherwise.

For your cough, why don't you try fresh garlic? Or ginger. They work really well.

These are in fact enormous ideas in regarding blogging.
You have touched some pleasant things here. Any way keep up wrinting.

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