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Two new things about my two friends Namrata

Few days back I saw NR online, but we couldn't talk because she had to go for dinner. Her mom was calling her but she promised me to come online later. I waited amd waited it didn't happen and I wrote to her. The next day, I got her email saying "Sorry, couldn't connect to the internet,and the best part of that email was, I am getting married in March. Are you coming home that time? " I was like oh my god, I was excited. I quickly wrote her back and now I got another email today. So, we will be chatting soon before she gets really busy with her wedding things.

And today I talk to ND, she is been really busy lately. I finally got to talk to her. She goes I am coming to NY in May, we should meet. Man, I was once again so excited, excited because I can go to meet her, hopefully that will work out fine. I am happy for both of them.

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