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What a Friday today?

I was sick yesterday, after work even more sick when I reached home. I didn't want to get up this morning but I did when my parents called me. I talked for few minutes and thought of getting ready to work. It was already 8 am, took a shower, got ready, dried my hair and left to work. I knew I had a lot to do today but didn't think that day would be like this.

I came to work and started working on my tasks. I had to email a developer for help on one of the TTPs. He was too busy and I didn't get reply at all until I went to talk to him around 4pm. Thank god that got resolved. I got pulled over to ASP in the afternoon, it took quite a while to test too. Then again back and forth, I am working on different things, I didn't have any clue what I was doing after a while. And there goes some BS Test cases, don't make sense. At one point, I did regret, why did I take this task, not because its hard but its a complete mess thats why I regret. I do not want to be blamed because someone else didn't do their work and I had to do that. I am sure no one likes that.

Anyway I do have cold and headache but I am too busy at work, I didn't realize what I had/have or how I was/am. The business hours are done but I am still at work and its 6:06pm. I don't want to stay here longer but I want to get done with this work too at the same time.

Too busy for Friday these things. Friday should be always quiet, so that people can relax and start thinking about the weekend and have some fun. I am sure everyone would agree with me in that case.

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