February 23, 2007

One more week and it passed so quickly when I think about it now

The begining of the week was not that good like last week. But I am glad I made it through.From the time I got back from the Boot Camp last Saturday, I have been feeling tired. At first I thought it was just because I worked out but it was something else which I have no clue about. I was very tired on Monday and Tuesday, I couldn't come to work early. Wednesday, Thursday same thing but Friday was ok.

So, anyway now its almost done, 50 minutes more to go for 5pm. I cant wait to get out as usual since its Friday.I am working tomorrow but hopefully it will not be crazy. Almost forgot, the best part of this week was the call I received. I was surprised and very glad that he called. We talked for less than half hour but it made me feel really good. I was really happy the rest of the day, he just made my day. :) I wish he does that often, thats the one thing I always wish.

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February 16, 2007

I can't believe the last time I logged in and wrote something was more than a week back

It was a pretty busy week for me. I got done everything I touched but only thing I have left is to execute one script. It will take time but will be done and will work hopefully without any problem.

Well I had a good sleep on Sunday nite, after the busy busy day on Sunday. Monday morning, I woke up fresh and kept up with my exercise. Then Monday, Tuesday and here it was Wednesday. Wednesday I expected a call from someone, it didn't happen but it was ok :) One of my friend called me and it made me feel good. By the time I was done with all my work, It was already Friday and now its almost the COB of Friday. After finishing all the works on time, I am typing few words in my blog.

When I start typing, I just can't stop my fingers. I do not even think and my fingers just keep typing. hehe...... Anyway its Friday, I am not sure what I will be doing tonight but hopefully something fun.

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Yesterday I was at work and just thought about this

Names : Everyone has a name, some have more, nick names, pet names etc. But have you ever thought about something? There are a lot of names they have "eena or ina" in it. If you check with all the alphabets, at least one person you know have/has that name. Starting from Beena/Bina,Dina/Deena, Geena/Gina, Heena,Jeena, Leena, Meena/Mina, Neena/Nina, Preena/Prina,Reena,Seena,Tina,Zeena.

Isn't is amazing how things work? It just came to my mind so thought about putting on my blog.

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February 8, 2007

Things that happen in life are so unexpected

Lot of things happen and before it does happen you know that is going to. But there are times that you expect something and something else happens. Like for today, I came to work with fresh mind, to finish a lot of work. I started working on something, I tried many ways to fix that problem, but it didn't work.

I went to Yoga and came back and worked on it, no it didn't work at all. And I had a bad afternoon because of that argument. It could have been prevented bud it did and that made my head spin and rise the body temperature to 100 degree.

But I am glad its about time to leave for home. I will make dinner, eat and do dishes and get back to work again. Hopefully it will work out. And I would expect to have a good sleep tonight. Have a good rest of the day to me and anyone who will read or reading. :)

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February 7, 2007

I cant believe what I saw this morning on the scale,

It showed my weight over than I have. I am exercising more, eating just about right I think but man I hate this. I cant stand it anymore. I know it could be muscle but damn, this weight is just killing me.

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February 5, 2007

Want to work but can't concentrate, feels like I am tired

Core Training today was better, harder than last week some steps. On the way back from from Y, I stopped into Hallmark Store in Holiday Center, spent few minutes, got something, then went to the other store, got a lottery ticket and headed back to work. I reached work, had my lunch, it was yummy. It made me feel like eating more actually.

Slowly it was getting late and I was feeling tired and bored. I don't know why?. Now its almost 5pm, I cant wait to leave for home. I think I am tired, but dont know why, it might be because I walked few blocks in that freezing cold weather.

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February 2, 2007

While listening to a song in Korean song

In December 2006, I posted an entry on my blog while listening to a Korean song. Its one of my favorite songs, it makes me feel good but sad too when I listen to it. Its a romantic song but its sad unfortunately. The song actually means "Because im a girl".

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I saw a dream last night that felt so real

It felt so real that I can still feel it. I wish that it will come true some day.I kept thinking so many times this morning and still its coming on my mind, I am getting a flash back of it. And that feeling was so real, you know. Sometimes I feel sad thinking about those days but this is life. Always moves forward no matter what. The only difference would be either there will be fun or sadness but those good memories always remain with you, deep down sometimes making you feel sad and at times happy.

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Little sad but I will be fine

A little sad,thinking about different things but I am just not used to of seeing that cubical so empty. I am sure someone will move in there and it will be fine but it will never be like before. Never said I will miss you but I know I will.

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February 1, 2007

Today is her last day here at work...

I have been working with her for the past 1.5 years and I think we got along very well. I have learnt a lot of stuff at work about work. She has always been very nice about teaching or telling me things about the stuff she knows. From tomorrow, I will be losing one of my colleague and neighbor of mine at work. I am a little too sad but then I think its life. I wanted to go out with her for a lunch, since its her last day, but then I didn't want to give up Yoga so didn't say anything to her or TL.Well thats fine, I probably will meet her when I go to cities sometime.

I did drop few drops of tears two weeks back, because I did feel really sad because she is leaving but then I controlled myself. And surely do not want to show emotion,so I keep things inside of me. All I want is to Wish her Goodluck in her new job, of course I will miss her. Everyone around me is asking "Are you sad?", of course I am way more than they think but she has to do what she has to do. Those questions make me even more sad. And I might not be showing emotion, but deep inside I am sad.

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