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One more week and it passed so quickly when I think about it now

The begining of the week was not that good like last week. But I am glad I made it through.From the time I got back from the Boot Camp last Saturday, I have been feeling tired. At first I thought it was just because I worked out but it was something else which I have no clue about. I was very tired on Monday and Tuesday, I couldn't come to work early. Wednesday, Thursday same thing but Friday was ok.

So, anyway now its almost done, 50 minutes more to go for 5pm. I cant wait to get out as usual since its Friday.I am working tomorrow but hopefully it will not be crazy. Almost forgot, the best part of this week was the call I received. I was surprised and very glad that he called. We talked for less than half hour but it made me feel really good. I was really happy the rest of the day, he just made my day. :) I wish he does that often, thats the one thing I always wish.

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