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Things that happen in life are so unexpected

Lot of things happen and before it does happen you know that is going to. But there are times that you expect something and something else happens. Like for today, I came to work with fresh mind, to finish a lot of work. I started working on something, I tried many ways to fix that problem, but it didn't work.

I went to Yoga and came back and worked on it, no it didn't work at all. And I had a bad afternoon because of that argument. It could have been prevented bud it did and that made my head spin and rise the body temperature to 100 degree.

But I am glad its about time to leave for home. I will make dinner, eat and do dishes and get back to work again. Hopefully it will work out. And I would expect to have a good sleep tonight. Have a good rest of the day to me and anyone who will read or reading. :)


Sounds like you had a really bad day at the office. I do find sleeping on problems is good - sometimes the answer or a solution just comes to you in the morning. Maybe its the change in perspective, or the fact that your brain has had a chance to organize everything.

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