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Today is her last day here at work...

I have been working with her for the past 1.5 years and I think we got along very well. I have learnt a lot of stuff at work about work. She has always been very nice about teaching or telling me things about the stuff she knows. From tomorrow, I will be losing one of my colleague and neighbor of mine at work. I am a little too sad but then I think its life. I wanted to go out with her for a lunch, since its her last day, but then I didn't want to give up Yoga so didn't say anything to her or TL.Well thats fine, I probably will meet her when I go to cities sometime.

I did drop few drops of tears two weeks back, because I did feel really sad because she is leaving but then I controlled myself. And surely do not want to show emotion,so I keep things inside of me. All I want is to Wish her Goodluck in her new job, of course I will miss her. Everyone around me is asking "Are you sad?", of course I am way more than they think but she has to do what she has to do. Those questions make me even more sad. And I might not be showing emotion, but deep inside I am sad.


Maybe it was like the caption in your blog - where you were expressing feelings without words :-)

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