March 24, 2007

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone's dream comes true?

Dream, yes dream but the one dream to be with the man/woman you love. The reason I wrote is because yesterday I watched a romantic movie "Prime" and just now "A Lot Like Love".

The first movie was about a Jewish guy and non-Jewish woman. She is in her thirties and he is just 23. She is divorced and they are in love. He is young, a good artist but he does not have a job. But because they were in so much love, her loved changed him to find a job and be independent. But he is young and she finds out that his parents have a lot of dream for him, she decides to go away from him. They break up and after a year of apart, somehow during the Christmas time, they run into each other. Before he makes his move, she stops him. And there the movie finishes, their love was so real, I wish they could be together but they couldn't, very sad. I know its just a 2 hr movie but these things happen in real life. Can you imagine how people feel when it actually happens in their life?

Around 3pm, I was changing channels and was looking for some good movie to watch. I saw moive "A lot like Love", Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Pete(I think). It was half way done but watched it anyway. It was romantic, I missed like 10 minutes of the movie after I started watching and I came back to watch. Some thing has happened in the movie, and I didn't know what. I see One Year Later and he comes to propose to her, but she tells him, "I am engaged". But she loves him so much, and she is actually not in love with the guy she is engaged to. Then again I see "6 months Later". Her friend runs into him in the store looking for suit and she tells her about it. She is now so ready to go find him. She somehow finds his address and goes there.

There she sees, everyone is getting ready for a wedding. She thinks oh no, he is getting married and tries to run away but he sees her. But at the end they meet and he tells her, I am not getting married but my sister is. And boom, they are in each others arms once again happy again.

Oh that was so romantic. After watching writing about it on my blog. Love is really beautiful, if everything works fine in the relationship, meaning if you can be with the person in your life but if not love hurts as everyone knows. It really does hurt, the worst part is you can only dream about being together and love but nothing else.

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March 20, 2007

Performing Regression on CERT05

When I got this task, I didn't think, it will be this bad. Bad not because its hard but because of many other reasons. First of all, I didn't have enough information about which scripts I should be looking at. I emailed, talked to different
team members, and got the answer. Now I know which onces, but I can't find where those are. I again ask them so where are they. Finally I get one by one on the machine in which I was working. Then while executing I run into problems, what kinda problems.

1. Some do not run due to application updates. 2. Some do not run because those are not the updated scripts. 3. Some I can't run because those not in the correct place. 4. Some do not run because the environment does not have recorded data in it. 5. Some I do not run because the application is tooooooo slow. 6. And then I can't run, because the application is down. I communicate with people and once I get yelled at too.

7. Finally the enviroment is up and after the memory is added, it runs fine. Now I run into another problem. Some scripts run too slow because it cant find the object. 8. Almost every single one, I have to run more than once because at times, I have to look into why there was an error/ why it failed?

God I am so tired right now, after 6.5 hours of working on it. Altogether for the day almost 9 hours work. I am tired now I am ready to leave for home. I give up GYM today, if I go I will pass out.

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March 16, 2007

I have been so busy lately, only thing I remember is I have to send paper, work and go to gym

Last time, when I had enough time to write on my blog was like couple of weeks back. I didn't realize that I was busy until this week. I didn't realize how fast the time went and looking at the calendar I am telling myself, Oh god its already the mid of the month.

But anyway from now onwards, things are just going to be busier but any slower. In a way, I am glad its busy but at the same time, I want it to be slow too. Its just the human nature I guess.

I am busy very busy right now too. But I thought hey its Friday, lets write an entry in my blog. So, even though I don't have anything special to write I am typing these words. My fingers keep hitting the keys on the keyboard, luckily its hitting the correct alphabets and its making it sense.

This weekend I have Boot Camp as usual and then we have a party. Its a Bowling party for all the people who come for Boot Camp. We have to pay $10 for Bowling and we are good. I am looking forward it. Hopefully the weather will be good too so it will make it more fun.

By the way, last Saturday was a good day. Oh I wish I wish..................................I just wish always, someday hopefully our dream will come true.

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March 14, 2007

Determination can make you sometimes stubborn

I was determined to send everything by today but I didn't. Somehow I just went and ordered Off.T. Now I am thinking why I did that. I regret what I did but hopefully it will not do anything bad.

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March 8, 2007

I haven't really got time to write anything here for almost two weeks

Last week today, office was closed by now. Eveyone was gone,the weather was really bad. We had a Snow Blizzard, and outside the wind was just crazy 55m/hr. It was not that bad in the morning but got worse in the day and the worst was in the evening and nite. It is usual for us to get a lot of snow but not a blizzard. Schools, colleges,everything was closed.On Friday, everywhere was closed I would say. Buses started running in the afternoon and grocery stores opened too I think.

Though the blizzard was not there anymore, outside was real bad. There was a not a way, one could even walk. Cars those were parked on the street could not be moved because it was completely covered with snow. The roads and especially side walks were full of snow, more than 2 ft of snow(37 inches of snow in less than a week). But the good thing is I played in the snow, took pictures. It was a lot of fun.

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