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I have been so busy lately, only thing I remember is I have to send paper, work and go to gym

Last time, when I had enough time to write on my blog was like couple of weeks back. I didn't realize that I was busy until this week. I didn't realize how fast the time went and looking at the calendar I am telling myself, Oh god its already the mid of the month.

But anyway from now onwards, things are just going to be busier but any slower. In a way, I am glad its busy but at the same time, I want it to be slow too. Its just the human nature I guess.

I am busy very busy right now too. But I thought hey its Friday, lets write an entry in my blog. So, even though I don't have anything special to write I am typing these words. My fingers keep hitting the keys on the keyboard, luckily its hitting the correct alphabets and its making it sense.

This weekend I have Boot Camp as usual and then we have a party. Its a Bowling party for all the people who come for Boot Camp. We have to pay $10 for Bowling and we are good. I am looking forward it. Hopefully the weather will be good too so it will make it more fun.

By the way, last Saturday was a good day. Oh I wish I wish..................................I just wish always, someday hopefully our dream will come true.


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