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I haven't really got time to write anything here for almost two weeks

Last week today, office was closed by now. Eveyone was gone,the weather was really bad. We had a Snow Blizzard, and outside the wind was just crazy 55m/hr. It was not that bad in the morning but got worse in the day and the worst was in the evening and nite. It is usual for us to get a lot of snow but not a blizzard. Schools, colleges,everything was closed.On Friday, everywhere was closed I would say. Buses started running in the afternoon and grocery stores opened too I think.

Though the blizzard was not there anymore, outside was real bad. There was a not a way, one could even walk. Cars those were parked on the street could not be moved because it was completely covered with snow. The roads and especially side walks were full of snow, more than 2 ft of snow(37 inches of snow in less than a week). But the good thing is I played in the snow, took pictures. It was a lot of fun.

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