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Performing Regression on CERT05

When I got this task, I didn't think, it will be this bad. Bad not because its hard but because of many other reasons. First of all, I didn't have enough information about which scripts I should be looking at. I emailed, talked to different
team members, and got the answer. Now I know which onces, but I can't find where those are. I again ask them so where are they. Finally I get one by one on the machine in which I was working. Then while executing I run into problems, what kinda problems.

1. Some do not run due to application updates. 2. Some do not run because those are not the updated scripts. 3. Some I can't run because those not in the correct place. 4. Some do not run because the environment does not have recorded data in it. 5. Some I do not run because the application is tooooooo slow. 6. And then I can't run, because the application is down. I communicate with people and once I get yelled at too.

7. Finally the enviroment is up and after the memory is added, it runs fine. Now I run into another problem. Some scripts run too slow because it cant find the object. 8. Almost every single one, I have to run more than once because at times, I have to look into why there was an error/ why it failed?

God I am so tired right now, after 6.5 hours of working on it. Altogether for the day almost 9 hours work. I am tired now I am ready to leave for home. I give up GYM today, if I go I will pass out.

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