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Wouldn't it be nice if everyone's dream comes true?

Dream, yes dream but the one dream to be with the man/woman you love. The reason I wrote is because yesterday I watched a romantic movie "Prime" and just now "A Lot Like Love".

The first movie was about a Jewish guy and non-Jewish woman. She is in her thirties and he is just 23. She is divorced and they are in love. He is young, a good artist but he does not have a job. But because they were in so much love, her loved changed him to find a job and be independent. But he is young and she finds out that his parents have a lot of dream for him, she decides to go away from him. They break up and after a year of apart, somehow during the Christmas time, they run into each other. Before he makes his move, she stops him. And there the movie finishes, their love was so real, I wish they could be together but they couldn't, very sad. I know its just a 2 hr movie but these things happen in real life. Can you imagine how people feel when it actually happens in their life?

Around 3pm, I was changing channels and was looking for some good movie to watch. I saw moive "A lot like Love", Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Pete(I think). It was half way done but watched it anyway. It was romantic, I missed like 10 minutes of the movie after I started watching and I came back to watch. Some thing has happened in the movie, and I didn't know what. I see One Year Later and he comes to propose to her, but she tells him, "I am engaged". But she loves him so much, and she is actually not in love with the guy she is engaged to. Then again I see "6 months Later". Her friend runs into him in the store looking for suit and she tells her about it. She is now so ready to go find him. She somehow finds his address and goes there.

There she sees, everyone is getting ready for a wedding. She thinks oh no, he is getting married and tries to run away but he sees her. But at the end they meet and he tells her, I am not getting married but my sister is. And boom, they are in each others arms once again happy again.

Oh that was so romantic. After watching writing about it on my blog. Love is really beautiful, if everything works fine in the relationship, meaning if you can be with the person in your life but if not love hurts as everyone knows. It really does hurt, the worst part is you can only dream about being together and love but nothing else.


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