April 30, 2007

Raju Lama - Mero Nepal, geet sunirakheki chhun

Hijo dekhi yo geet mero dimag ma chha, jati sunyo teti nai Nepal jau jau lagchha.

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April 26, 2007

Lower back pain and my daily life

The first entry in my blog was about my back pain. Once again, today I am writing about it. Because my back pain has gone up so much for the past few weeks. I have seen Doctors, Physical Therapy and now I am finally seeing Chiropractor for the same back problem.

Since I started working out so much for the back, I thought it was going away. I was getting really happy but I was wrong. After the last Release in March, my back is been really bad. Now this week, its even worse. This is crazy, too young to have this kinda pain and suffer this much. Why me??? I don't want to sit anymore because thats when this pain comes back. I came this morning, pain free and now the pain is so bad, I am not really happy with this. I cant sit and concentrate or anything. Oh god help me.

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April 4, 2007

Stress, Do you know anyone who likes it?

Stress can be due to good and bad things. But no matter what it is, you wouldn't want it. The reason I am writing is because I have gone through that a lot mostly, its because of bad things . Not because I did something bad but it was there all the time. When I was in school, I had a lot of stress due to ......Then I graduated and thought ok, now I should be less stressed because now I have a job and all. But no, that never happened, right after a week I graduated, a big stress got added. Then after stress and stress more stress. Day after that I had the stress because something didn't happen due to .......So,the whole year passed. April started, and I thought now this time, its happening. I was all relaxed thinking its happening and I shouldn't worried. But on Tuesday, I heard something and it was not good. So, that added another stress.

To be continued................................

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