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Stress, Do you know anyone who likes it?

Stress can be due to good and bad things. But no matter what it is, you wouldn't want it. The reason I am writing is because I have gone through that a lot mostly, its because of bad things . Not because I did something bad but it was there all the time. When I was in school, I had a lot of stress due to ......Then I graduated and thought ok, now I should be less stressed because now I have a job and all. But no, that never happened, right after a week I graduated, a big stress got added. Then after stress and stress more stress. Day after that I had the stress because something didn't happen due to .......So,the whole year passed. April started, and I thought now this time, its happening. I was all relaxed thinking its happening and I shouldn't worried. But on Tuesday, I heard something and it was not good. So, that added another stress.

To be continued................................

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