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My passion for singing, dancing and music, which I have kept it within me mostly. I never really put it out

From the very young age, I wanted to sing. I remember copying the songs, and singing them. At times, I used to record them in the audio cassettes which my dad had or those which were old. I remember when I was 7-9 years old, I recorded and listened to songs that I sang. At times, I sounded bad but at times not so bad. When I sounded bad, I told myself, I need to practice more.

If anyone reads this entry who knows me well, will be suprised to know that I was shy/yes I am shy, but its a fact. I never was a shy kid but when it came to singing, dancing, I always was. When I was 5 years old, my dad told me to learn dancing with my sisters and I never did because I was so shy. Shy thinking, I might look stupid, I might not be able to follow, I might do something wrong. But what I didn't know was, you have to try before you can make any assumption. All my sisters did, when I saw them dancing on the stage, I realized that I was stupid to not try. And till today, when I see people dancing on tv and shows, I feel like dancing too but the fact that I am shy, never helped me .

But finally when I was in tenth grade, I participated in my school's 50th anniversary in a group dance. I did good, and I found out it was not hard. All you need is to remember steps, focus and work hard. Then its easy.

Anyway talking about singing and music, everytime I listen to a new song, or music, it stays on my head really quickly. The lyrics might not stay but the music does. And from young age, I never cared about the language of the song. As long as the music was good, that was enough for me. At times, when I was singing or humming, one of my aunt used to tell how good I was at it and she loved hearind me sing. She always encouraged me that I can sing and hum real good. And I did hear that from frens too. I used to sing or hum any type of song. I know some people might think, its crazy but even when I was 6-7 years, I liked Gazals. From love, pop,gazals, I sang everything but never really performed in front of anyone.

Once I decided to perform when I was in 10th grade. I gave my name, I went to the house captains. Unfortunately, the captains were one of those girls who always thought they were the great. I hate those kinda people.But getting back to the point, there were 2 girls before me and after they left, those captains made fun of them. That was enough for me, I didn't want them to make fun of me like that. Instead of trying, I just gave up but that was stupid of me for real.Usually I do not give up easily but sometimes I do. Stupid

After my SLC, I took guitar classes, one of my favorite instruments. I thought I would perform this time for sure. Once again, I left it as a dream. I tried to push myself many times, but I never really did. And till this day, I am just telling myself, I love to but I have never. I need to overcome my shyness but I see myself still standing on the same line.

But the fact is, in the year of 2000, I got an opportunity to play with the first lady's band in NP. I could have gone to Qatar to play, but I couldn't because of one of my friend. Thought too much about friend, for whom friendship does not mean anything. I got another chance, I think I was sick that time. But again early 2001, I got another the chance, to play in a program hosted by NGO. I had practiced with Uma didi, prepared and all ready. But just about 1 month before the program, Royal Massacre happened, which stopped everything. And in few months, I came here so I couldn't get hold of Uma didi anymore. So, my dream and passion just got left off in that same line a dream and passion.

Although most of my passion and dream though I work hard, never comes true. It makes you sad but again makes you worker.


My dream is dancing an singing all My life I want my draem to come true

I think you need to be more positive and don't let those things that happened affect you in reaching your dreams. By overcoming your shyness, you could be more aggressive in accomplishing your dreams.

Develop more of your communication skills and practice it to overcome your shyness and hesitations in accomplishing your goals or dreams. It will help in making you more positive in your goals and be more motivated.


I could really relate to your struggles with shyness! It can really he so hard. I have had social anxiety or shyness for years.

I have gotten a lot of help from Social Anxiety Anonymous though. They have a lot of really good (and free) reading material at: http://www.healsocialanxiety.com Plus they have free telephone support groups (that you can call into through Skype) at www.healsocialanxiety.com

Best, John

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