August 30, 2007

Happy, excited and so ready

From last Friday to today afternoon, I don't know how many times, I have checked my email. At around 2pm, I received a call. I was waiting waiting and waiting, and finally when I decided to vacuum the call had come. As soon as I stopped the vacuum, I saw the Voice Mail light blinking. I checked the number and guess who and what it was about, checked the Vmail and I got a good news.

I was excited but was not jumping around, and some people thought that I am so dull and dumb since I was not get ting excited that way. Well I am excited but the way I express my excitement is different. Thats why everyone is different from everyone else. Otherwise there won't be difference I think.

But I am very happy that what I expected had come true. Now I have a whole another challenge ahead of me. One step at a time, interview, job and now few more steps for me to achieve at this point.

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August 28, 2007

Interesting call for the day

As I was waiting to hear from C.Tech, I received a call. I looked at the number, but I couldn't recall the area code but I picked up anyway. She said, Can I talk to so and so? I said, yes speaking. Then she went on. The reason she called me because she found my resume online and she is looking for a linguist who speaks Nepali and English. The salary she offererd was big, and so the benefits were but unfortunately I will have to work in a country where a war is been going on for few years.

But for sure an interesting call for the day, it made me smile :)

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August 13, 2007

Keep this is in mind, you never want to work here

Its been so crazy due to class, work and moving. Everything went as it was planned, was not easy but I made it through.

This entry is mainly about the company named EmpowerMX, started as an intern 2 years back. When I started working, the place seemed fine. People were nice, except few. Slowly, I started learning more about the place. Every single employee whom I saw quitting had problem with this A... hole who happens to be the head of Technology. And so and so. Everyone who agrees with what he says, got promotion, was treated very well, but otherwise is forced to leave or punished in different ways. Otherwise, he would cook plans with the kiss ass HR and do stuff. And somehow this A..hole had controlled the entire company which is shocking. Shocking because, this person does not have a personality and can't talk to anyone face to face but eyes closed. Its insane.

Now that I don't work there anymore, I am so glad that I got out from that place. The biggest unfortunate thing I got from this company is back pain at this young age which I am still suffering from it. But I'm glad to work with so many nice people.

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August 13th,07, don't know whether to call it the best or worst day

It was really nice outside this morning when I woke up. I wanted to sleep little more coz of that. I woke up with back pain again but it was ok. I was getting late for work and thought to call my manager and leave a message which I did.

Later I reached work, when I saw the Date, I had a little bad feeling I don't know why. After few minutes, Ann pinged me and said, so and so were looking for you. I was like shoot, I am late today may be coz of that. But it was for some other reason. I was a little bit nervous thinking my manager is gone. Unfortunately, that was not the case here. I found out my entire team's job has been transitioned over to India. I was like what but anyway......
I was planning on leaving in 2 months, I am sad that it happened this way.

Packed all the things, and I left office, then went to Chipotle to eat and then went to Tjmax and then to IKEA to shop. So, here I am writing on my blog today's experience. I know this is what life is about. Unexpected but its ok. I'm sure I will find something better, whatever happened happened for good. I am glad that I do not have to deal with people who tells lies over lies, who are darn sneaky, and always planning to give stress to me 24 7 365.

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