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August 13th,07, don't know whether to call it the best or worst day

It was really nice outside this morning when I woke up. I wanted to sleep little more coz of that. I woke up with back pain again but it was ok. I was getting late for work and thought to call my manager and leave a message which I did.

Later I reached work, when I saw the Date, I had a little bad feeling I don't know why. After few minutes, Ann pinged me and said, so and so were looking for you. I was like shoot, I am late today may be coz of that. But it was for some other reason. I was a little bit nervous thinking my manager is gone. Unfortunately, that was not the case here. I found out my entire team's job has been transitioned over to India. I was like what but anyway......
I was planning on leaving in 2 months, I am sad that it happened this way.

Packed all the things, and I left office, then went to Chipotle to eat and then went to Tjmax and then to IKEA to shop. So, here I am writing on my blog today's experience. I know this is what life is about. Unexpected but its ok. I'm sure I will find something better, whatever happened happened for good. I am glad that I do not have to deal with people who tells lies over lies, who are darn sneaky, and always planning to give stress to me 24 7 365.

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