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Happy, excited and so ready

From last Friday to today afternoon, I don't know how many times, I have checked my email. At around 2pm, I received a call. I was waiting waiting and waiting, and finally when I decided to vacuum the call had come. As soon as I stopped the vacuum, I saw the Voice Mail light blinking. I checked the number and guess who and what it was about, checked the Vmail and I got a good news.

I was excited but was not jumping around, and some people thought that I am so dull and dumb since I was not get ting excited that way. Well I am excited but the way I express my excitement is different. Thats why everyone is different from everyone else. Otherwise there won't be difference I think.

But I am very happy that what I expected had come true. Now I have a whole another challenge ahead of me. One step at a time, interview, job and now few more steps for me to achieve at this point.

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