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Keep this is in mind, you never want to work here

Its been so crazy due to class, work and moving. Everything went as it was planned, was not easy but I made it through.

This entry is mainly about the company named EmpowerMX, started as an intern 2 years back. When I started working, the place seemed fine. People were nice, except few. Slowly, I started learning more about the place. Every single employee whom I saw quitting had problem with this A... hole who happens to be the head of Technology. And so and so. Everyone who agrees with what he says, got promotion, was treated very well, but otherwise is forced to leave or punished in different ways. Otherwise, he would cook plans with the kiss ass HR and do stuff. And somehow this A..hole had controlled the entire company which is shocking. Shocking because, this person does not have a personality and can't talk to anyone face to face but eyes closed. Its insane.

Now that I don't work there anymore, I am so glad that I got out from that place. The biggest unfortunate thing I got from this company is back pain at this young age which I am still suffering from it. But I'm glad to work with so many nice people.

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