September 29, 2007

Suv from Infiniti 2008 FX35/FX 45, Nissan Murano and Lexus Suv RX 08

For some reason, I really love Infiniti and Nissan SUVs. I would want to own one of these when I can. There is just something about the look, it kills me, and its just so.........,


I do like sports car, and as usual Ferrari, Maserati but not much of a big BMW fan. For me the best part about BMW is the Logo.
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Wine tasting in MSP International Market

It was my first time for wine tasting. I was not sure what I should be expecting but it was a good experience. It was good for Friday night. I would love to go again but this time I would want to go when my stomach is not empty. Only thing I had was a banana, some grapes and few garlic triskets. That was for the day. By the time, I reached there it was like 8pm. I was hungry and after tasting few different wines, I started to feel it hahaha.....

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September 23, 2007

Some of Jagjit Singh's best gazals

Hosh walon ko khabar kya bekhudi kya cheez hai -Jagjit Singh
Tumko dekha to yeh khayal aaya - Jagjit Singh
Tum hamare nahin to kya gum hai - Jagjit Singh
Tere aanay ki jab khabar mehkay - Jagjit Singh
Ik pyaar ka lagma hai, mojon ki rawani hein - Jagjit Singh
Mujh se bichad ke,khus rehey tey ho - Jagjit Singh
Sham se aankh main namee si hey- Jagjit Singh
Honton se choo lo tum - Jagjit Singh
Ashiqui sabra,tamma deta (Kaun jeeta hai) -Jagjit Singh
Kahin door jab, din dhal jaayey - Jagjit Singh

Listening to these, makes me feel relax

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September 22, 2007

Two surprises but I am happy for both of them

This morning, I chatted with Ri after really long time. We started talking, as usual we tease married friends, whether its time to know if there is a good news. And there she says, I am due November. I was like Wow!!, you are serious right?, not joking. I was really happy for her. I mean its a very good news. Then we talked for a while.

I talked a lot with friends, listened to music a lot too. After a while I got tired, and especially after seeing him online, I got little upset too because he didn't even say hi and was gone. :(

Then around 3:30pm, I was about to go to check the mail, thats when my phone rang. Guess who it was, one of my very good friend, it was "B", whom I used to spend time in Connecticut, talking, playing cards, watching movies, hanging out here and there and mainly eating Wai Wai. hehehe............We were talking thats when he said, I got married few weeks back. I didn't believe him because he keeps flirting with me and keeps telling jokes most of the time. I thought he was joking again. But this time, he was telling the truth. And again I am happy for him too. Two friends, two Goodnews.

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Almost two years but back pain still has not left me

Almost about 2 years ago, after few months of work in EmopwerMX, my back started to bother. Thanks for those crapy chairs, I am still suffering when I sit and do other stuff. I could lift move heavy stuff, but can I do that now. I can but the next day, I will see the reaction. I can't even clean my bathtub.

I have seen 2 doctors, done physical therapy for 2 months and 2 months of Chiropractor therapy. But thanks again to those crappy chairs, bad setu[, nothing helped. So, till now I am suffering. Is there a permanent solution for it? But I am stil positive, I will be back pain free soon.

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Expecting something but Instead I heard something else

I was waiting to hear or receive a message, "Are you not going either?" but instead I saw a message "No, thats not the case" at 3 am, which woke me up for the nite. Mainly because I was not expecting to hear that and because I am been hurt, disappointed for a bit, it made me feel worse, I wish there was any other way to express how I feel ................................

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September 20, 2007

Oh Boy, I was so excited this morning....

There I reach work late at 9:15am, thanks to the traffic on 62E. I said hi to BJohna....and walked into my office. I see a Brand New Latitute D530 sitting on my desk with a brand new docking station. I was like Wow, this is awesome. Didn't know if the computer was already setup so waited. But again thought may be I should turn on and check. I did turn on the computer, and as to my excitement the machine was locked by an administrator. Later talked to a right person got help and all, everything got setup.

But as soon as the machine is hooked up to the docking station, the laptop and my extended monitor screen would go black. After playing around for a bit, we figured but also figured my brand new 19' LCD monitor might have died. hehe...Then again I got my another monitor which is also brand new and also 19' LCD.

Fun fun fun, but I should get another 19' LCD monitor soon most probably next week. And I am happy that I found this job and also grateful to my best friend who told me about this company

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September 11, 2007

Second day in C.Tech acquired by C.Systems

I woke up, got ready headed to my office. Reached at 9am, started the InsideCooper stuff. Everything went well except I had to call the Cust.Serv for mispelled name. Brad showed me more about the DB and software that we produce. Used DB Editor for the first time, and so Quality Control. All were interesting, I am really looking forward to start spending more time on it.

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First day in C.Tech acquired by C.Systems

Started my day very early at 6:30 am. All excited, got ready by 7am, dried my long silky hair since it was cold. Reached work at 8:40am and met my manager. Then the journey started. He gave me a little overview of the some of the stuff. He took me on a tour to meet everyone, showed me around. I met a lot of Brad, Dan, Dave. I couldn't remember anyone's name at all, and some people, I do not even remember the face. But it was a good experience. Finally it got done, and I came back to my office.

At 9:30am, HR came to pick me up. We went to her office, did the paper work then she gave me the gift, three Polo shirts with a water bottle and nice side bag pack. I asked her the questions I had, and all went well. I worked for 6 hours or little longer and all went well.

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September 2, 2007

State Fair 2007

First time in State Fair was fun. It was a really hot day, but luckily the humidity was not so high. But dark me got even darker. My arms and legs got super dark, yuck. And I got injured too when I came down from the "Ride the Slide". But at the end of the day, it was all worth it. I don't do very good with all sorts of ride, there are only some I can ride. Right before we left, I went on this ride called "River Rafting". As soon as the ride started I and the other lady were completely drenched in water.But it was fun.

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