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First day in C.Tech acquired by C.Systems

Started my day very early at 6:30 am. All excited, got ready by 7am, dried my long silky hair since it was cold. Reached work at 8:40am and met my manager. Then the journey started. He gave me a little overview of the some of the stuff. He took me on a tour to meet everyone, showed me around. I met a lot of Brad, Dan, Dave. I couldn't remember anyone's name at all, and some people, I do not even remember the face. But it was a good experience. Finally it got done, and I came back to my office.

At 9:30am, HR came to pick me up. We went to her office, did the paper work then she gave me the gift, three Polo shirts with a water bottle and nice side bag pack. I asked her the questions I had, and all went well. I worked for 6 hours or little longer and all went well.

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