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Oh Boy, I was so excited this morning....

There I reach work late at 9:15am, thanks to the traffic on 62E. I said hi to BJohna....and walked into my office. I see a Brand New Latitute D530 sitting on my desk with a brand new docking station. I was like Wow, this is awesome. Didn't know if the computer was already setup so waited. But again thought may be I should turn on and check. I did turn on the computer, and as to my excitement the machine was locked by an administrator. Later talked to a right person got help and all, everything got setup.

But as soon as the machine is hooked up to the docking station, the laptop and my extended monitor screen would go black. After playing around for a bit, we figured but also figured my brand new 19' LCD monitor might have died. hehe...Then again I got my another monitor which is also brand new and also 19' LCD.

Fun fun fun, but I should get another 19' LCD monitor soon most probably next week. And I am happy that I found this job and also grateful to my best friend who told me about this company

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