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Two surprises but I am happy for both of them

This morning, I chatted with Ri after really long time. We started talking, as usual we tease married friends, whether its time to know if there is a good news. And there she says, I am due November. I was like Wow!!, you are serious right?, not joking. I was really happy for her. I mean its a very good news. Then we talked for a while.

I talked a lot with friends, listened to music a lot too. After a while I got tired, and especially after seeing him online, I got little upset too because he didn't even say hi and was gone. :(

Then around 3:30pm, I was about to go to check the mail, thats when my phone rang. Guess who it was, one of my very good friend, it was "B", whom I used to spend time in Connecticut, talking, playing cards, watching movies, hanging out here and there and mainly eating Wai Wai. hehehe............We were talking thats when he said, I got married few weeks back. I didn't believe him because he keeps flirting with me and keeps telling jokes most of the time. I thought he was joking again. But this time, he was telling the truth. And again I am happy for him too. Two friends, two Goodnews.


Good post -- a example of how and how to never pitch. I'm embarrassed that a great number of in my field just do not get it.

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