October 30, 2007

I am really pissed right now, why in the world I went to buy to that coffee shop

Since I was feeling so sleepy I went to get some coffee in the 2nd floor UST coffee shop. I got large Capuccino.It was 3/4 cup foam, after shaking a bit, I drank. God thats the worst drink I ever drank. I put 2 packets of sugar, 4 half and half and couple of French Vanilla cream but still terrible.Learned a lesson, I will never go to get any coffee.

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Its Tuesday and I have class in another 35 minutes,

From last week, I have been so busy, which is making me feel tired all the time.Past weekend, I slept so much, not only at night but also in the day time, I felt asleep. And till today, I am sleepy. I am not at all ready to go to class tonight. I just want to go home and sleep. Or just go to the gym and work out.

By the way, last Friday, I finally went and signed up in Y again.Weekend was a little busy so went to Gym on Sunday. Myself and my friend were on the way to the Gym. Usually we pay attention, the speed limit and the road but we both were blacked out. All I hear is my friend telling, Oh is that for me? I was like what, the turn. There you go, I see the color lights flashing, it was the Cop. We were pretty upset since we got the ticket for speeding but there was nothing else we could do.I mean it was so unfortunate, somehow I didn't remember anything but getting into the car and after few minutes, we got pulled over. Bad luck.....

And after 3 months, I went to a Fitness class, Body Pump, which is similar to Muscle Pump.It was a great feeling after the class.I am a little sore but I love it.

To Be Continued........................

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October 22, 2007

Felt really good today after very long time

I have been feeling very lonely, sad and .........But not anymore. I was reading the JAVA codes, thats when I thought of calling Anju didi. I wished her Happy Vijaya Dashami. Apparantly,she wasn't busy and I stopped what I was doing. We started talking and it just went for so long. We talked about so many thing, never have talked this much. I mean it felt so good. We talked for more more than an hour, thats like very long for me. After that long conversation, my ears started to bother so we hung up. But we both had real good time and it made me feel so good. My sadness, depression, loneliness disappeared. Felt relief.

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October 21, 2007

Driving VW Jetta 2006 on Highway 13 on Sunday afternoon, the same day it is Chhalan(Tika)

I was a little depressed,sad I don't know what I should call. this feeling. I have never felt like this for the past 6 years in US on this day. But this year, I missed home, my family, my love and Dashain. It was hard. But in the afternoon, I went to drive the Jetta. The experience was great. The car is great but the accelerator was small, it didn't feel like my foot was touching it. It was touching but it was just the feeling. But overall it was good. Some part of the roads had more traffic than I thought it would be since its Sunday. I can't wait to go drive on the road again.

Right after driving I went to eat and then headed to tha MOA. I was in Victoria Secret thats when my phone rang and I had to leave right away since I forgot to give my key to my friend..ugh....

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October 20, 2007

VW Dealer in St.Louis Park and Spice Thai afterwards for dinner on Friday

It was a very busy day yesterday. Early morning to the VW Dealer in Burnsville, then we went to work. After work to another VW Dealer but this time to test drive cars. We checked out four different Passat 03-04 model and all were pretty good.Its just about the preference.

The first one was Silver color made a loud noise everything Turbo kicked in. Second one I can't even remember the color but it was good, no Sun Roof though. Third one was Fresco Green, which was good but the interior color was not that good. Fourth one was Manual Sky Blue kinda color, very nice car I thought .It was manual, had Sun Roof, interior was good. But it was not Certified, that was the only problem.(This probably is on the #1 list for Mr.DAPU, Manual Manual Manual) But after checking out so many cars, I got kinda sick. If I had checked out more cars, it might have made me throw up, yuck....The Sales Lady was busy but she was nice. She tried her best to help her 3 customers at one time but she did pretty good.

After checking out car, we headed to Venuka's place. From there all of us went for Spice Thai. I usually try Thai Fry Rice with Shrimp this time I tried Red Curry with Tofu and that was awesome. My mouth is watering, yum, I want to eat Thai again. :) After dinner, we went to back to his house. Stayed there a little longer, then said bye to everyone and specially to uncle since he is flying back to SL on Saturday.I was just so sleepy when I reached home, I watched a little bit of Jay Leno and fell asleep. Paid tuition online and went to bed at 12am.

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October 18, 2007

Drinking milk, just a thought makes me make a face

But milk sure is good for your health since it has Vitamin D,fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K, are found primarily in the milk fat; milk has limited amounts of vitamin K. And the B vitamins are found in the aqueous phase of milk. There are not many people I know who do not like milk and do not drink but me. And I know my youngest brother does not like it either. When he was small, he used to not drink the Tea.

But I do like Lactogen, hehe....I used to steal and eat when I used to make ounces for my youngest brother. And my mom would know I stole and ate by looking at the amount of milk in the tin.

Anyway getting back to the point, I used to drink before though. But slowly, I stopped drinking and thats when I started not liking it. It could be because its Processed here. But I have tried drinking, thinking its good for health.It will reduce the amount of fat in my body. I would try once or twice and again stop. But this timeI bought this Cerial which is all natural made with Oat meal, honey, fruits, and different kinds of nuts. When I tried milk with that Cerial, it tasted good so now I am liking it. Hopefully, I will keep up with this. Goodluck to me.

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I just took the second midterm this week, today was for SQA/QC class

There is no book for this class but we did have lecture notes in PPT. Test has matching, multiple choices, some short answer questions and stuff. But there were some questions, I just couldn't remember the answers. I wrote what I thought it was but I will find out next week for sure. I hope I did good but again, I will find out once the scores are out. I am hoping for the best.

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October 11, 2007

Tuesday was a very long day and I am still feeling it till today...

I woke up at 6:30 am, got ready headed to work for the Conference. I reached on time but the conference was for a whole day till 4:15pm. Got back from there directly to school. Class started at 5:45pm which went through 9pm.We had a small team discussion on the project for next week. Then I came to the lab, and stayed here till 11pm. By the time I reached home it was midnite. I went to bed at 1am and again woke up next day at 7am. It was a very tiresome day yesterday too.Its Thursday today, right now I am so sleepy and tired. I drank half small cup of coffee but I'm just about to fall asleep. Hopefully the class will finish early. All I want to get out from class today is midterm exam stuff and Agile discussion.

Goodluck to me, just want to finish class and run home to sleep. :)

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Just when I thought,its all fine, Approval came same way

I was really excited to start working FT from next week. But just when I thought, finally things will go smoothly,I found out something I didn't think it would.I got the Originals from the attorney, and just was going through the papers and I found out there is something missing in the package. Right away, I called my paralegal, got transferred to an attorney.I had to explain the whole situation and thats when I found out something I didn't want to.

I'm really happy with what I have but just it would be a little easier if it did come the correct way.But I have to confirm with C.G tomorrow right after I reach work.

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October 9, 2007

I started my day started at 6:30 am and its 10:30 pm but still in school.

If I have a bed here,I would fall sleep right away thats how tired I am right now. Back has started to hurt too. Whole day, I used my hands as a support for my back during the Conference and also in the class. I did so many stretches too.But lucky back pain, it came back. I am sitting right, of course it would come back. Me sitting meaning, I'm welcoming the back pain or in other words, I am inviting the Back Pain. But if I am exercising, biking, Back pain can't even think about coming back. Hahaha.......
Checking out online to create a Splash page for my class. Man I gotta work hard and harder and more harder.

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Driving on Hwy 13 yesterday afternoon

Drove for 2 hours, I felt so relaxed. I was doing 55m/hr to the speed limit. But there was a very relax and calm feeling which I would never forget.

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October 7, 2007

Being able to feel back pain free is the best feeling one could ever have

If you are one of the those, who is suffering from back pain, you will know how I am feeling. After a month, I went on a bike ride today. I didn't ride very far but 10miles. The sun started to brighten up so I stopped.I got fresh and helped to cook lunch. I reached home at 8pm thats when I realize I wasn't feeling the pain. I felt so good and thought of writing in my blog an entry.I stood up, sat down, I didn't feel the pain. I wish this is how I will always feel from now onwards. But if I sit on the sofa or chair for about 15/20 minutes, it will come back which is sad. But right now I feel great. Exercise always helps my back feel good.

Great feeling, want to feel like this forever. I haven't felt this pain free for more than a month. I couldn't be happier.

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October 6, 2007

I'm famous for not having friends who are girls but all guys

I mean I am just a little different kinda person. For me, its easier to get along with guys than girls, thats why I just have many very good guy friend. I do have many very good girl friends but.... I do get along with girls, but not with all of them or all the time. So, anyway I do feel sad or at times odd, that I do not have many friends that are girls but again, everyone is different right. Today I spent all day at school, doing homework which apparently didn't finish, because I didn't know how to do. hahaha... And spent time at GPS thingy, and also meeting my team for my OOP class.

At around 7pm, I was heading home thats when I started talking to Ann. She is from Poland, and I have never had a Polish friend. Everytime we meet, we talk hows class going and blah blah blah.Likewise today we were talking about class, apartment, where do you live and stuff. We talked a little more about work too.I told her that I could help her find internship and stuff, and we gave each other email address. And we became friends officially because before we only used to say Hi/Hello.So, now we will be definitely talking to each other more. So, I am glad that I spent my day today in school doing HW and I made a new friend who is a girl and not a guy. hahaha......

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I'm trying to finish homework for my SQA/QC and also for OOP class

I am doing it but I am taking few minutes break here and there. I am motivated to finish my homeworks. But there is something going on at the back of my mind which is not giving me Peace. I am right now logged into hotmail, MSN IM, Gmail, and was logged onto Hi5 too earlier. But I am getting too much pressure in my mind, I know why it is but I can't make it to go away. I am hurt, upset, angry and stressed out but nothing is helping me.

Whatever I am typing is not making sense to me at this moment. I need to relax my mind. What should I do, may be I could go to the Gym work out or go home later, and go on a bike ride. Or its Saturday nite, so I can certainly go for out to a Club and shake my badonkadonk. hahaha......

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October 3, 2007

October 2nd, and my friend's VW Passat 1995

We were on our way to school after work. It was raining heavily and thats when we thought, we should get some Starbucks. We just took left turn on Cretin Avenue, heading towards Grand Avenue but suddenly, I heard this beep beep beep. I looked at my friend and said, what is that??? Then we saw a red light flashing on the Dashboard. The Red light was for Gas leak. We stopped on side and opened the hood and looked what was going on. Since both of us were not so knowledgable about cars,we decided to reach Starbucks, but we did find out that the Oil level was low. We stopped in Starbuks, called Volvoline where we did the Oil change recently.

I called the Customer Service number, and got the closest Volvoline number. Now need direction to go. We tried to connect to the internet from Starbucks but it didn't work. So, got direction from a friend of ours. It took us about 10 minutes to reach there. We explained the situation to the mechanics. The Oil level was low, so they added the oil. Thats when the mechanic told us there is an Air Leak in the engine, which is making noise while trying to start the car. There were some more problems they said, which brought stress to both of us.We had class so we just headed to school.

And today, my friend has already called so many places to find out parts and so many stuff. Went to the Dealer and found out that part is bad. The part has be replaced and it should work. But the stress still does not go away.

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There is something going on in my mind from a quite sometime

but haven't got the courage, or chance to spit it out. I want to but haven't found the right moment. And when I do,its certainly going to hit me really hard. I may be or may not be ready for it.

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Today is the day, I found out something I didn't know about

Everyone knows that the truth hurts. I found out something that I didn't know or didn't think about it before. I thought that person is loyal but again who knows right, who knows. But the truth about truth is, it does not matter even if it hurts. The good part is you get to know the truth and you get to get out from the dark side which you didn't know before.Thats what I am saying, I would rather get hurt and know the truth rather than not knowing the truth.

The reason I am writing this entry is because I found about something today, made me feel bad but can't do anything to change that, I wish I knew it before.But I can certainly change the things.Goodluck to me........

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October 1, 2007

Whoever has said, women gossip, they talk too much but men don't is completely wrong

There are two kinds of women and men in this world. Those who talk and those who do not, I have come across both.Entire world knows that, women talk, women gossip. But do you think, men don't talk, they don't gossip. They do, and when they do talk, they can talk a lot. And I'm sure whoever has said, "Women talk, gossip a lot", is not a female but a male. This is not entirely true, men talk a lot too.

The reason, I am saying this is because I hang out with some friends, Oh Boy, they can talk a lot. I like to talk too but, I can't compare myself with them. They are my good friends, they are nice but when it comes to talking, ohhhhhhhhhhh. They talk on phone for hours, they meet during the weekend. They start talking, they are driving down to Downtown,Uptown where ever they go, they talk, they reach out to the restaurant to eat, they talk, they come back home, they talk, until they go to bed, they are talking.

The next morning, they get up, starts right there. It keeps going until the weekend is over. But the talk is not over. Entire worlds topic gets covered but the talk keeps going on. From Politics to War, Cricket to Family,School to work, everything gets covered but the topic does not finish. It keeps going. I just want to laugh, sometimes. hahahahaha

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