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Driving VW Jetta 2006 on Highway 13 on Sunday afternoon, the same day it is Chhalan(Tika)

I was a little depressed,sad I don't know what I should call. this feeling. I have never felt like this for the past 6 years in US on this day. But this year, I missed home, my family, my love and Dashain. It was hard. But in the afternoon, I went to drive the Jetta. The experience was great. The car is great but the accelerator was small, it didn't feel like my foot was touching it. It was touching but it was just the feeling. But overall it was good. Some part of the roads had more traffic than I thought it would be since its Sunday. I can't wait to go drive on the road again.

Right after driving I went to eat and then headed to tha MOA. I was in Victoria Secret thats when my phone rang and I had to leave right away since I forgot to give my key to my friend..ugh....

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